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Experience since 1960
three generation

The Lo.Fra Group Marmi, is located in Trani (BT – Puglia – Italy), a well-known city of the homonymous stone, rich in history and ancient traditions.

The company, handed down from father to son, continues the family tradition that began in the 1960 when Lampidecchia Lorenzo worked as master builder in extraction quarries, also dealing with the management of the subsequent steps of stone processing.

The company Lo.Fra. Marmi, was born later in 1970, in Trani, as a company of the Lampidecchia family, current headquarters.

Gruppo LO.FRA. MArmi Trani | Chi Siamo - L'azienda Oggi

LO.FRA Marmi Group

Leader in Italy since 1970, on the stone sector market, the Lo.Fra. Marmi is able to satisfy any design requirement, thanks to the experience associated with the technological know-how, offering reliable solutions that combine elegance and creativity to quality, to resist over time.

The company is able to carry out many works in marble, stone, pietra serena, granite, travertine and various others, rough or finished, such as: Steps/Stairs, Natural stone floors and coverings, internal and external, Thresholds, Doorposts, Window sills, Terrace wall coverings, Blocks, Semi-finished products , slabs.

Thanks to special numerical control machines, it is possible to create solid works of any shape and size such as fireplaces, tops for bathrooms and kitchens, funerary art etc. as well as completely handcrafted manufacturing having highly specialized workers in this sense.

The aforementioned materials, from the most common ones of local or national origin to the more “rare” ones extracted from quarries all over the world, are always rigorously selected and are offered not only with the most common finishes, but also with personalized ones.

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